Nook & Cranny – Where the pieces come together!

Ishpeming, MichiganThe Nook and Cranny is a cozy studio located in the small town of Ishpeming in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The studio offers a personal work space as well as a source for artists of all ages to learn and share.

The studio is located on the corner of Second and Cleveland in a historic building built at the turn of the century.

The building was originally built as a premier department store by Frederick Braastad. It was later purchased and redesigned by the Gossard Company to house a large garment factory. The structure features old tin crafted ceilings, wooden floors and brick interiors. Renamed Pioneer Square, the building houses a variety of occupants, one of which is the Nook and Cranny on the first floor.

Walking through the doors of the studio a person will find a variety of mixed media works by Renee. Collage is her main passion, so the room is filled with framed works for sale, as well as pieces in various stages of completion as this is a “working studio”. Prints, cards, napkins and other items are available as well  to visitors.

The studio loves to highlight other artists work and brings a variety of local talent to its windows. Please take time to browse the Visiting Artist section.

To create art is to immerse oneself in the act of bringing together the impressions and associations of the world and in one’s mind. All individuals harbor this spark. It is a journey worth exploring. Please come and visit the Nook and Cranny.