About Me

My name is Renee Michaud, I am a 2D mixed media artist living in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan. My family and I make our home just outside of the small town of Ishpeming enjoying the pleasures of a “Yooper” life.

I earned a degree in art education from Michigan State University in 1976. My area of emphasis while at State was printmaking, which lends itself well to the layering techniques in my collages. My mixed media pieces draw on a multitude of resources including paper that I have created or found, fabrics, threads (usually old authentic collections), acrylic paints, inks, pastels, old photos, found objects, Venetian plaster and drywall compounds to mention a few. The list is endless. I basically up cycle the world around me using what I found to build my compositions layer by layer. It is the mystery of the “underneath”… the layering that allows the storytelling to emerge. By building up the surface areas my works are no longer flat two dimensional pieces, but are sculpted and rise from the support giving texture and depth to each creation allowing a 2D work to take on a 3D effect.

I have traveled and displayed at a variety of venues, shows, and galleries. It is a delight that my work has spread across the country finding homes with admirers of the color, texture, and themes of my mixed media pieces.

As an artist and educator I find great pleasure in supporting other artists and teaching individuals within the community. The diverse needs of wide eyed four year olds versus the mature adult gives me the opportunity to stretch my knowledge and techinuqes strengthening my own artistry. The journey of learning and creating should never cease and I am amazed at the talent that surrounds us and delight in being part of that world.

Art plays many roles in the world, but I believe one of the greatest gifts is to bring joy and beauty to the viewer, coaxing a smile, laugh, or sigh as you gaze upon the piece before you. It is my earnest hope that my art work can encourage a greater understanding of our communities and appreciation for those around us.