About Me

My name is Renee Michaud and I am a mixed media collage artist living in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan. My family and I make our home just outside of the small town of Ishpeming enjoying the pleasures of a “Yooper’s” life.

I earned a degree in art education from Michigan State University. My area of emphasis while at State was printmaking, which lends itself well to the layering techniques in my collages. I have been fortunate to be honored with awards such as the 1st place 2D prize at the Great Lakes Showcase and Exhibitor Awards at Northern Exposure and Lake Superior Art Association.
My work has been shown in both one woman and group shows across the peninsula in venues such as North of the 45th Parallel, Art on the Rocks, Erickson Center For The Arts, Paige Wiard Gallery, William Bonifas Fine Arts Center, Sweatwater, Marquette Arts and Cultural Center and The Gossard.

It is a delight to me that my work has spread across the country finding homes with admirers of the color, texture and themes of the collages. I work in both stand alone pieces as well as numerous series, but I must admit that I particularly enjoy the Memory Series. This series, such as The Boy and Sisters seen on the Home Page slide show, melds photographs, writings and elements of personal meaning into the composition. In the Memory Series, my clients and I work closely together as we discuss family stories. Family mementos are decided upon and a truly collaborative work is born.

Each of my collages invites the viewer to come close and explore the images and stories represented. Many of the collages are not flat two dimensional pieces, but are sculpted and rise from the support giving texture and depth to each creation. Others explore in more depth the colors and values rendered during the layering process involved in collaging.

Art plays many roles in the world, but I believe one of its greatest gifts is to bring joy and beauty to the viewer. Coaxing a smile, laugh or sigh as you gaze upon the piece before you.